Impactful English teaches professionals how to improve their business English, fluency and confidence to speak English in the workplace, through coaching sessions, blog articles and ebooks.

The aim of this project was to redesign the Impactful English’s website with a digital marketing approach, including SEO, Pop-ups, Landings pages, User Experience optimization, copywriting and responsiveness (Mobile-First Design).

The project involved three main stages. Firstly, I carried out an analysis whereby I evaluated aspects such as the hosting server, loading speed and performance, sources of traffic and most viewed pages/blog articles.

The next step was to understand the target audience, their behavior and needs, demographic, keywords and customer journey, in order to create personas who were non-native speaking international executives such as Directors and Managers from multinational corporations around the world.

Therefore the goal was to create a layout and navigation system optimized for this public, focusing on their needs and behavior. With this in mind, the design was kept simple, minimalistic and straightforward. The color palette is based on the UK/USA flag and the overall layout is designed to provide an aspect of exclusiveness.

Checkout the final result by clicking on the link bellow!