The BRIGHT NFT is a project based on combining NFTs with Artificial Intelligence.

Bright NFT contacted me to create a collection of 10.000 NFTs of yeti and ape characters.
These NFTs are embedded with a system that allows them to be responsive to your voice thanks to Artificial Intelligence. As they are interactive and have capabilities far beyond being a simple digital image, these NFTs are like no other.

Each NFT can be used as a personal assistant for navigating the metaverse and be your partner and digital twin on a platform devoted to education and professional development for the Web 3.0.

Apart from the brand elements, my role in this project was to create a variety of these characters and their traits such as clothing, hats, hair color and glasses, as well as animating them using Adobe Character Animator and generating its sprite sheet.

Have a look at Bright Nft’s website where you can better understand the full project description and check out the NFTs´ design.